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Papaya Enzyme Body Polish
Enriched with papaya enzyme extract, seashells, and vitamin A, E, F and H. This combination works well as an anti-oxidant and anti-aging. It helps to exfoliate the dead cells of your skin. Leaving your skin soft and supple.

Herbal Body Scrub
Made from natural herbal, which is good for skin care. Leaving skin clean, soft, fresh and fragrant.

Cocoa Butter Body Scrub
The beans from cocoa or chocolate nut tree yield a rich, buttery substance, emollients cream as a lubricant and skin softener. Cocoa butter brings a quality of richness to creamy cleansers and moisturizers. It comes as buttery flakes in palmitic and oilic fatty acids. In combinations with Aromatic Chocolate seed Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil, these properties easily makes you feel fresh all day long, keep the skin from dehydration and free radical.

Pandan Wangi Body Scrub
Panadan Wangi Body Scrub with Pandan folium aromas, made from rice powder extract, Curcuma domestic rhizoma Extract and Curcuma heyneanae. Extract for cooling effect, lift dirt and dead skin cells, so the skin look radiant, clean, soft and fragrant.

Harum Sari Herbal Bath
Created with traditional herbs, spices and flowers. Delicately natural fragrances make your skin soft and fresh throughout the day.

Seaweed Body Mask
Seaweed body mask composed from seaweed, maize and clay is especially effective for keeping the natural beauty of skin. It help to rejuvenate, freshen, clean, and soften skin.

Avocado Body mask
Avocado contains vitamin E and lecithin that is useful for keeping skin soft.

Bengkoang Mask
Containing bengkoang roots for cooling effect, which has been used hundreds of years by Javanese princesses.

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